DMX121 AC100-240V DMX Signal Distributor Adapter 1 Channel LED DMX512 Controller

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DMX121 signal distributor is one of DMX signaldistributor series, isspecially used for amplifying DMX512 digital lighting control signal. Theinput/output interface adopts high voltage isolation technology, applied toamplify DMX512 signal transmission in the short distance, as well as the using occasionwhere output/input interfaces need to be complete electrical isolation. Due tothe independent isolation between input/output interface, it can avoid burningprecision digital light console by the problem of the controlling circuit,decoder, computer light, silicon box and so on, to ensure the safe operation ofdigital lighting control, and also ensure DMX signal can normal transfer to allkinds of lighting equipment, so as to improve reliability for the whole digitallighting control system.

Technical parameters:

  • Workingtemperature: -20-60

  • Inputvoltage: AC 100 ~ 240V50~60HZ

  • Ratedpower: 2W Inputsignal:1channel DMX512 signal

  • Outputsignal:1channel DMX512 signal output, the output port can be connected to 32 equipmentsmostly.

  • Theisolation voltage between input/output interface: > 1000V

  • Cascadequantity: can cascade 16pcs signal amplifier mostly.

  • Netweight: 0.35kg

  • Grossweight: 0.60kg

  • External dimension: L144.5*W72.5*H38mm

  • Packingsize: L175*W133*H58mm

Package Includes:

  • 1* DMX 121 controller