DC12V Mini LED RGB Controller DC Socket with 44 Keys IR Remote

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  • Working temperature: -20 to 60 degree
  • Supply voltage: DC12V
  • Product size: L62*W35*H23mm
  • Package size: L130*W60*H35mm
  • Net weight: 60g
  • Gross weight: 90g
  • Output: Three CMOS drain-open output
  • Connecting mode: common anode
  • Max load current: 2A each colo


II.Control method:

Adopt IR remoter to control the led controller, which has 24 buttons, the function of each button as the table below:

Brightness rise

Brightness fall



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static orange

Static light green

Static dark blue

Static mike white

Static dark yellow

Static cyan

Static lyons blue

Static white pink

Static yellow

Static light blue

Static purple

Static green-white

Static light yellow

Static sky blue

Static brown

Static blue white

Increase red

Increase green

Increase blue

Speed up

Decrease red

Decrease green

Decrease blue

Speed down

DIY key1

DIY key2

DIY key3

Automatic change

DIY key4

DIY key5

DIY key6

Flash ON and OFF

3 color jumpy change

7 color jumpy change

3 color fade change

7 color fade change

About DIY key, when it’s pressed first time, will enter the DIY color mode, you can adjust the color per the 6 keys at above to increase or decrease the R/G/B color by yourself freely( if other key is pressed this time, will jump out from DIY color mode). And you can save the color which you have adjusted by pressing the DIY key one again. When next time this key is pressed, it will show the color you saved last time.

There are 6 DIY keys, so you can save 6 color you like. They are all independent, have no effect each other. For example: if you press DIY key 1 first, and the npress DIY key2, DIY key1 will be invalid, until DIY key2 is pressed onece again, current color will be saved.


III. Warning:

  • supply voltage of this product is DC12V, never connect to DC24V or AC220V
  • never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.
  • Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude that artificial situation of damaged or overload working.