ESP8266 ESP-07 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Module AP+STA

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Firmware can be achieved:

  • Convenient development environment, free virtual machine and familiar with the Linux system, directly in the Windows environment to develop, save development time, ahead of the market to seize;

  • Add AT + CLDSTART, start the cloud connection, the default parameters for the security can Ai-Cloud cloud platform, the implementation of this directive, the system will automatically maintain the cloud connection and heartbeat package, and disconnected. The system handles all protocol layers.

  • AT + CLDSTOPStop the cloud connection. Release all cloud-related system resources.

  • AT + CLDSEND =Send data to the cloud.

  • Parameter is the data length, the implementation of this command, the system will return ">", then you can send a certain length of data.

Data reception

  • The following are the same as the "When the cloud data comes, you will receive + CLD,

  • Len is the data length, data is the specific data.

  • Smart connection

  • AT + CWMODE = 1


This is done using ESP_TOUCH technology.

(1.2.0 version can be directly after the command "AT + CWSTARTSMART", do not need to set the parameters, SmartConfig type can be automatically obtained, no need to set.

  • Added to join the cloud family group instructionsAT + LANSTART, Can be easily joined the cloud family group, andAPPEnd connection to control;

  • Added exit to cloud family group instructionsAT + CLDUNBIND, Module cloud control transfer? A command to exit the cloud family group, no longer bound by binding;

  • AddedWPSFeatures,AT + CWWPSSTARTDirectly openWPS, More convenient configurationWiFiconnection;

  • AddedATinstructionAT + CIOWRITECan be setIOState, an instruction can be controlled differentlyIOThe high and low levels;

  • AddedATinstructionAT + CIOREADCan be readIOState, an instruction can be read differentlyIOstatus;

  • AddedATinstructionAT + CSYSHEAPYou can view the rest at any timeRAMSize, the remaining space to grasp;

  • AddedATinstructionAT + CIOADCCan be readADC, The input voltage range is0 ~ 1V;