WEB-U2 USB Tester QC4+ PD3.0 2.0 PPS Fast Charging Protocol Capacity Test

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  • Low-voltage nickel-metal hydride battery measurement

  • Support HAWEI FCP SCP Broadcast dynamic adjustment

  • Apple device charging acceleration

  • Gravity sensing,automatically rotates the screen

  • Test the internal resistance of the wire

  • Charging protocol speculation demonstration

  • Two-way Current Detection

  • Apple PD Charger SN Serial Number Detection

  • PD E-Marker Wire detection

  • PD3.0 PPS QC4+ detection trigger

  • PD sniffing, monitoring, communication packet tracer mode

  • Support English display ,can download the user manual from the QR code of the product

  • CNC Version is made of aluminum alloy and is more scratch resistant

  • 6-bit high-precision display, 5/6-bit one-button switching, support for external H ID power supply

  • USB H ID externally independent power supply, can be started at 0V, and can measure low voltage


  • Type: WEB-U2 Current Voltage Meter

  • Voltage: DC 4~24V

  • Master chip: STM32F072 ARM Kernel

  • Current: 0-5A

  • Display:1.77inch TFT screen ; 128 * 160 Resolution

  • Voltage Resolution: 0.0001V

  • Size: 52.5 * 34.5 * 13mm(Prox.)

  • Current accuracy: Range 0.1%±nd

  • USB interface: USB2.0 5P male ; USB2.0A female

  • Ampere hourcapacity: 99999Ah(6 groups)

  • MicroUSB: PC Input ,PC USB H ID

  • Ampere hourresolution: 0.0001Ah

  • TYPE-C: 2PC IN and OUT

  • Ampere-hour capacity: 99999Wh(6 groups)

  • Button: OK and M key

  • Watt time resolution: 0.0001Wh

  • Power on time: 100 hours

  • Temperature Measurement: -40 C~180 C

  • Charging time: 100 hours

  • D+D-Voltage: Support measurement

  • Built-in load: built-in current to

  • small load MTK

  • Fast charge protocol: Support detection trigger

  • Bluetooth module: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module (Optional)

  • FD trigger: PD2.0 PD3.0 PPS QC4+E-Marker

  • Firmware upgrade: USB HI D free drive

  • Memory: FRAM ferroelectric (10 billion brush write life)

  • PC host computer: USB HI D free drive

  • Static power consumption: Turn off the screen, close the data port < 10mA

  • Force sensor: Built-in 3-axis gravity sensor

  • Internal resistance: connected to the USB interface 35m ohm(Prox.)

  • Serial number: Built-in independent SN body identification serial number

  • Temperature Sensor: one temperature sensor inside the tester, it can be connect to a external temperature sensor(optional)

Package Includes:

1 x Standard Version WEB-U2 USB Tester (optional)

1 x CNC Version WEB-U2 USB Tester (optional)