Kafuter K-5204K 80g Thermal Conductive Silicone LED Bonding Adhesive Glue Quick-drying Thermal Silica Curable Coefficient 1.6

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K-5204K both silicone thermal plastic bonding effect, and good thermal conductivity (heat dissipation) properties. After a neutral silicone elastomer reinforced plastic, after curing adhesive has good resistance to changes in the level performance, long-term use will not fall off, no contact with the gap reduced cooling effect; because of the reinforcement of the rubber have more high bond strength, shear strength ≥15 kg / cm. It has excellent resistance to high temperature performance. Its operating temperature range of -60 ~ 280 ; The adhesive is a one component room temperature curing adhesive with 100 ml metal hose package easy to use.

The main application is to replace the thermal grease (paste) as the CPU and the heat sink, intelligent control thyristor module and heat sink filled adhesive, electrical power between the module and heat sink. After this glue can be removed with traditional cards and screw connections, the result is to bring more reliable filling cooling, simpler process, more economical cost.


  • Density (g/cm3): 2.3 ~ 3.0 

  • Surface drying time (25 , min):≤10

  • Tensile strength (MPa): ≥2.5

  • Elongation at break(%): ≥100

  • Shear strength (MPa): ≥1.5

  • Hardness (shore A): 50 ~ 65

  • Operating temperature range: -60~280℃

  • Dielectric strength (kV / mm): ≥18

  • Volume resistivity (Ω.cm) 1 × 10 (15 th)

  • Thermal conductivity (w / (m.k)): 1.6


1. Will be sticky or coated finishing clean, remove rust, dust and oil and so on.

2. Unscrew the hose cap, the glue to the clean surface, so that distribution will be sticky surface close fixed.

3. Will be glued or sealed parts in the air, let it cure. Curing process is a cure from the surface to the internal process within 24 hours (room temperature and 55% relative humidity) glue curing depth of 2-4mm, and if the position is deep, especially in the air is not easily accessible to the site, full curing time will be extended, if the temperature is low, the curing time will be extended. Prior to further processing or packaging components to be bonded, it is recommended to wait long enough to make the bonding firm and integrity are not affected.