DC12V 24V Option DMX512 (1990) Standard Sample Decoder, 2A, 4A, or with Digital Tube Display


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USES the international standard DMX512 protocol (1990), the modest capacitive is strong;
RS485 differential transmission, with high dry sorrow, long transmission distance, convenient wiring, etc;
*Lightning protection: 
with lightning protection, anti-static, stable and reliable circuit.
*gray scale: 
0-100 %, 100 * 256 * 256 grey level;
*power supply:
Dc power supply.
no impact on the boot (boot instantaneous LED completely destroyed), plays a role of protection for the LED.


Product description
series works:
Each module is connected without setting the address and the automatic sequence of the address. It is very convenient to use. The signal distance between the drivers can reach 100 meters, and 170 driving plates can be connected
*work in parallel mode:
Each module is connected to each other, and the amplifier is required every 32 modules (the quantity is the theoretical value, the actual engineering field test is the subject), and the separate module sets the unique address (written by the code writer);

Work mode:
When the DMX512 controller is connected, it will automatically run the built-in effect when it changes without the DMX512 controller according to the effect of the controller (7 color hopping and gradient);
In the serial mode, when the main controller is not connected, the first decoder can automatically become the master controller and realize the synchronization on-line change.

Application scope: It is mainly used in high power full-color washing wall lamp, lighting lamp, ground lamp, underwater lamp, stage light, tunnel lamp, etc



Specifications for DC12V 24V Option DMX512 (1990) Standard Sample Decoder, 2A, 4A, or with Digital Tube Display

Part Number DM-103 or DM-104 or DM-106
Voltage 12V or 24V