DMX512 Easy Address Writer Used for RGB Decoder


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  • DMX512 decoder module channels can write in address codes; 

  • Able to detect DMX512 signals, to diagnose on-off of engineering wiring, to test strength of DMX512 signals; 

  • All DMX512 decoder drivers can write address codes;  

  • DMX512 protocol LED, necessary engineering site equipment; 


  • Size: 68*42*14mm 

  • Built-in standard DMX512 protocol (1990 version); 

  • Universal input voltage (DC 9V-24V) or lithium battery voltage (5V) supportive; 

  • Writing DMX512 driving address codes (1-170 address) supportive; 

  • Reading DMX512 driving address codes supportive; 

  • DMX512 drive detecting supportive; 

Function description:

  • Press "SET" button to plus 1 to the value of nixie tube. (Long press "SET" button, address value displayed on the nixie tube will add 1 quickly.) Select the address you want to write in.

  • Press "WRITE" button to write the address into the drive. Wait for about one second, the buzzer sounds for one time, which means write-in has succeeded. (Three channels are taken to drive one address, so the corresponding address is 1-170.) It will take longer for parallel automatic address write-in.

  • Press "READ" button, the buzzer sounds for one time, which means read has succeeded. The corresponding address is displayed on the nixie tube. 

  • Press "TEST" button, LED light of corresponding address starts to flash.


Specifications for DMX512 Easy Address Writer Used for RGB Decoder

Type Manual Editor or Automatic Editor