Insect-Repelling LED Strip DC5V/12V 2835 Camping Lamp Indoor Lighting for Hiking USB Repellent Light Safter Than Mosquito Killer


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Product Description:


  • Lightwave Repellent

  • Radiation-Free

  • Eye Protection

  • 360 degree no dead ends


  • Brand new & high quality

  • Mosquito-repellent lamps can drive away mosquitoes according to a special light source that mosquitoes hate. Filtering out ultraviolet rays and infrared rays will not cause any harm to the human body. Health, safety, energy saving. You can use it at home, hotels, schools, restaurants, public toilets, etc.

  • Emitting Yellow-green light , expelling mosquitoes(this color can keep mosquito away)


  • Product name:Mosquito-repelling LED Strip lamp

  • Spectral band :565nm

  • LED Chip type: 2835 SMD

  • LED Numbers: 60 LEDs/m (1m set/ 2m set)     120 LEDs/m (5m set )

  • Power supply type: 5V USB Plug(1m/2m set)/ 

  • 12V DC Adapter EU Plug(5m Set) 


  • Waterproof Class:IP65(Waterproof)/IP20(No Waterproof)

  • 1m Set/ 2m Set: USB Plug connect,60 leds/m LED Strip

  • 5m Set:DC12V Adapter power supply,120leds/m LED Strip 

Package include:

  • 1m/2m Set:1m/2m 60leds/m LED Strip with USB Plug 

  • Or 5m Set:5m 120leds/m led strip+EU Plug DC Adapter