8V-35VTo 5V/8A DC-DC Power Supply Buck Module Support Android/iPhone Phone Fast Charging

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    • Input voltage: DC 8-35V 

    • Input current: 5.5A 

    • Output voltage: 5.2V 

    • Output current: total maximum 8A, self-adaptive, mobile phone single port charge up to 2A. 

    • Dynamic response speed: 300us (load flow change 5%) 

    • Conversion efficiency: 95% (measured at 12V to 5.2V3.5A, efficiency is related to differential pressure and load size.) 

    • Load regulation: 0.2-0.3% (measured by 10% load and 12V input) 

    • Ripple & Noise: 120mVP-P (20MHz Bandwidth 12V to 5.2V3A Measured) 

    • Switching frequency: 100KHz 

    • No-load current: 18mA (measured by 5V at 12V) 

    • Wiring method: IN input OUT input Terminal block DC block 

    • Fixed method: M3*1 M2*2 

    • Net weight: about 36 grams 

    Supporting device : 

    • Mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, navigators, driving recorders, etc., require USB-powered devices. Can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, 4 total current 8A. 

    • A variety of input and output methods, support terminal input, DC block input, output support 4 * USB output, terminal output 5V. 

    Physical dimension: 

    • 54(L)*39(W)*21(H)mm (with USB port) 

    Pin mode: 

    • VIN+ input positive, GND common ground, OUT+ output positive 


    • Do not use overvoltage and overload, otherwise it will damage the battery and power supply. 

    • Modules can only be stepped down and cannot be boosted, and cannot supply power to electrical equipment that is higher than the input voltage. 

    • Pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation when working with a large amount of current and power for a long time to extend the service life of the power supply. 

    • Do not work at full capacity for a long time. Please keep 20% of the margin when working continuously. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.