RCWL-1601 Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Module Compatible HC-SR04 3V-5.5V

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    • RCWL-1601 is a 3V-5.5V power supply open ultrasonic ranging module . The software is fully compatible with hC-SR04. It is with lead-free technology. 2cm ultra-small blind area, typical 4.5m most distant, 2.2mA ultra-low working current. It is smaller in size and has better accuracy than hC-SR04 for cotton and irregular body measurements.


    • 1>. Professional ultrasonic ranging chip.

    • 2>. 3V-5.5V wide voltage power supply.

    • 3>. 2. 2mA working current.

    • 4>. 2cm minimum blind area.

    • 5>. The software is fully compatible with hc-sr04.

    • 6>. Shorter test cycle :50mS (hc-sr04 is 200mS)

    • 7>. 2 cm - 450 cm super wide measuring range (渕 flat walls)

    • 8>. Suitable for measuring cotton and irregular objects.

    • 9>. The size is 1.8cm X 4cm.

    • 10>. No lead process.

    • 11>. Environmental protection probe (certificate of environmental protection)

    • 12>. Working temperature: -10 Celsius to 90 Celsius