GY-26 High-precision High-sensitivity Digital Electronic Compass Sensor Module For GPS Navigation

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  • GY-26 is a low-cost flat digital compass module. Input voltage and power consumption is low, small size. Its working  principle is

  • By two mutually perpendicular magnetic sensors response the magnetic component of earth's magnetic field induction,To arrive at the azimuth angle.This compass to RS232 protocol, and the IIC protocol with other devices. High precision,high stability. And with a re-calibration function, can be in any position accurate azimuth, the output of the baudrate is 9600bps, a continuous output and exercise output in two ways, with the magnetic declination compensation, can adapt to different working environment.


  • This is a low cost plane of digital compass 

  • The working principle is utilizing magneto resistive sensor sensing the Earth's magnetic field component, so as to get an azimuth angle 

  • Light weight and high cost-effective 

  • With stabile operation and high accuracy 

  • Very low operating voltage (3 - 5V DC) 

  • DC single supply operation 

  • Advanced hard iron calibration 


  • Measuring Range: Between 0 degrees to 360 degrees 

  • Working Temperature: Between -20 degC and 85 degC 

  • Store Temperature: Between -40 degC and 125 degC 

  • Current Consumption: 5V 15mA, 3V 8mA 

  • Response Frequency: 25Hz 

  • Resolution: 0.1 degree 

  • Measuring Precision: 1 degree 

  • Repeatability  Precision:1 degree 

  • Size (L x W): Approx. 1 x 1 inch / 2.5 x 2.5 cm 


  • Handheld electronic instrument 

  • Robot orientation and position 

  • Navigation system 

  • Telescope position 

  • Auto helm rudder 

  • Antenna position 

  • Automobile GPS navigation 

  • Aero model position