GY-298 ADXL346Z Three Axis Ultra Low Power Digital Accelerometer Sensor Module

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  • ADXL346:3 axis, plus or minus 2 g / + / + 8 g / 4 g + 16 g accelerometer ultra-low power consumption figures 

  • ADXL346 ultra-low power consumption is a small, thin, 3 axis accelerometer, high resolution (13), the measurement range of plus or minus 16 g.Digital output data format for a 16-bit binary complement, through SPI (line 3 or 4 lines) or visit the I2C digital interface. 

  • ADXL346 very suitable for mobile applications.It can be applied to the skew detection in the measurement of static acceleration of gravity, also can measure the movement or impact caused by the dynamic acceleration.It has a high resolution (4 mg/LSB), identify the gradient of less than 1.0 °. 

  • The device provides a variety of special test functions.Activities and the detection function by comparing the arbitrary axis acceleration and threshold to detect any movement of the user to set.Knock detection can detect any direction click and double strike action.Free fall detection can detect whether the device is dropped.Direction detection can be tested to the four and six location at the same time, and provided the user can choose in the direction of the interrupt function, suitable for 2 d or 3 d applications.These functions can be independent mapped to one of the two interrupt output pin.Is applying for patent integrated storage management system using 32 level first in first out (FIFO) buffers, can be used to store the number According to that minimizes the host processor load, and reduce the power consumption of the whole system. 

  • Low power consumption mode based on the movement of the intelligent power management support, and at very low power consumption threshold acceleration sensor and motion measurement. 


  • Mobile phone 

  • Medical instruments 

  • Games and pointing devices 

  • Industrial instrumentation 

  • Personal navigation devices 

  • Hard disk drive (HDD)