GY-33 TCS34725 Color Sensors /Identify Sensor Module

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    TCS34725 chip +mcu color recognition sensor module, IIC or serial communication, the output value of RGB

    • 1, can be used as a simple TCS34725 module.

    • 2, you can use the internal MCU to read the TCS34725 data, MCU calculated after the direct output of RGB, internal white balance procedures, support for serial /IIC read.

    • GY-33 is a low-cost color recognition sensor module.

    • Working voltage 3-5v, low power consumption, small size, easy to install.

    • The principle of the work is that the illumination LED is illuminated, and the radiation is measured.

    • The object, return the light passes through the filter detection ratio of RGB value

    • according to the proportion of RGB value to identify the color.

    • This module, there are two ways to read the data, that is, the

    • Serial UART (TTL level) or IIC (2 lines).

    • Serial port baud rate 9600bps and 115200bps, can be configured,

    • There are continuous, ask the output of two ways, can be power down save settings.

    • There are 7 simple color recognition, do not need to calculate the value of RGB.

    • Can adapt to different working environment, and the single chip microcomputer and computer connection.

    • In addition, the module can set the working mode of individual sensor chip,

    • As a simple sensor module, MCU does not participate in data processing.

    • Provide DIY, 51, STM32 microcontroller communication program,

    • Does not provide the principle diagram and internal SCM source.

    Two, product features and technical parameters

    • (1), high cost

    • (2), built-in MCU calculation of color

    • (3), IIC, serial communication format

    • (4) adjustable LED brightness

    • (5), with the corresponding PC software

    Three, product application

    • (1) intelligent robot

    • (2) teaching laboratory apparatus

    • (3) product inspection of production line

    • (4) color meter

    • (5) led color detection