GY-39 Serial MAX44009 Light Intensity BME280 Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module Board

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    GY-39 light intensity temperature and humidity atmospheric pressure sensor module, direct serial port output

    •  1, can be used as a simple MAX44009 or BME280 module, chip I2C communication

    •  2, you can read all kinds of data on the module MCU, MCU calculation of the unified direct output of the calculation

    •  of the practical data, support for serial /i2c

    •  3, you can connect the Android mobile phone or UTB to TTL module connected to the computer via Bluetooth module,

    •  Data analysis of computer software

    •  Name: 4 in 1 weather station module(light intensity + temperature and humidity + atmospheric pressure module)

    •  Model: GY-39

    •  Using chip: MAX44009+BME280+MCU

    •  Power supply: 3-5v

    •  Module size: 24.3*26.7mm

    •  Communication mode:MCU_IIC/MCU_Serial / sensor chip IIC bus