MQ-6 Combustible Gas Sensor

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  • The gas-sensing material used in the MQ-6 combustible gas sensor is tin oxide (SnO2) with a low conductivity in clean air. whengas sensorIn the presence of combustible gases in the environment, the conductivity of the sensor increases as the concentration of combustible gases in the air increases. The change in conductivity can be converted to an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit. 

  • MQ-6 combustible gas sensor for propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas sensitivity is high, also has a good sensitivity to natural gas. This kind ofgas sensorCan detect a variety of combustible gases, is a variety of applications for low-cost sensors. 

Sensor characteristics

  • In a wide range of concentrations on the combustible gas has a good sensitivity 

  • The sensitivity of propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas is higher 

  • Long life, low cost 

  • Simple drive circuit can be 


  • Household gas leak alarm 

  • Industrial combustible gas alarm 

  • Portable gas detector 

  • Technical indicators