MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor

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    • This is MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor. It detects the concentrations of CO gas in the air and outputs it`s reading as an analog voltage.

    • The sensor has a long life ,high sensitivity and fast response time. The sensor output signal is an analog resistance.

    • The sensor can measure a low concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. The sensitivity range of the gas concentration from 20ppm to 2000ppm. The sensor can operate in temperatures from -10 to 50 ° C, and consumes less than 150mA at 5V.

    There are two modifications of the sensor: 

    • Standard - with sensitivity. 

    • With analog and digital outputs - with the amplifier output signal and adjusting the heating element sensor. You can configure the sensor to a certain threshold, and connect to the digital input of the microcontroller.