XD-202 1 Road Relay Control Isolation Appliance Integrated Circuits Module with Optocoupler

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  • Dimensions: 53mm (length) * 28.3mm (width) * 19.3mm (height)

  • PCB color: black

  • 4 board around with four fixed screw holes, hole diameter 3.1mm, easy to install and fixed

  • Relay selection of high-quality loose relay, single-pole double-throw. A common end, a normally open end, a normally closed end

  • Optocoupler isolation, good anti-interference

  • Low level pull-in, high-level release. Pull the status indicator light D1 bright, release the status indicator D1 off

  • VCC for the system power, JD_VCC for the relay power. The default send 5V relay, jumper plug can be inserted

  • The maximum output relay: DC 30V / 10A, AC 250V / 10A

  • Wiring instructions:

  • CC: The system power is positive

  • GND: Negative pole of the system power supply