TEC Semiconductor LED Display Thermostat Automatic Temperature Controller

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  • Size:78*53*26mm

  • Input voltage:DC12V

  • Control range:-50 To 110

  • Temperature control:Point control

  • Temperature Precision:0.1

  • Refresh Rate:4 times/second

  • Output power:12V 15A 180W (MAX)

  • Display window:PV34*19MM SV23*10MM

  • Working Temperature:-20 to 65 degree(humidity < 80%)

  • prober:0.5 meter waterproof (10KB3950)

  • Self power consumption:quiescent current<120MA/1.5W

  • Output Type:1 channel Positive And Negative Switching + 1 channel refrigeration + 1 channel heat additive


  • Use only the input of 12V DC power supply, the maximum range of 10-14V, load side can only use refrigeration piece, or to support the positive and negative converter devices

  • TEC cooling chip control at a time, if the control must extend the output power of a larger, on-board can not exceed 15A / 180W

  • The actual work time to pay attention to TEC cooling, because it is positive or negative output, cooling fan does not support, so the cooling system to be connected to the expansion output port, and the state together with the start.