RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Transmitter

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  • This is a high precision temperature and humidity transmitter,

  • Pretty small appearance, standard guide rail structure design, the wiring is simple and easy to install.

  • High precision probe, guarantees products with excellent measurement performance.

  • Superstability and anti-interference capacity, strong product protection performance.

  • RS485 communication distanceup interface at 1200 meters

  • Together with the multiple modules connected to the bus network, real-time monitoring of the environment of several sites.


  • Material: plastic

  • Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU

  • Size: 65x45x28mm

  • Power supply: 9-24 V

  • Static current: <10mA

Typical applications:

  • Base stations of communication archives, warehouses, laboratories, factories, workshops,

  • Computer room, museum, archives, library tube, hospitals, hotels, residences, petrochemical bases,

  • Power plants, nuclear power plants, substations, agricultural research base,

  • Department of Environmental Protection of health and epidemic prevention station.