IIC I2C Serial Interface Board LCD 1602 2004 Adapter Converter Module PCF8574

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  • PCB color: black

  • Power supply voltage: 2.5-6V

  • Support I2C protocol

  • Size: 41.5mm (length) * 19mm (width) * 15.3mm (height)

  • The default address of the I2C adapter board is 0x27.

  • With backlight power control, you can set whether to connect the backlight power through the jumper cap. Plug in the jumper cap to connect the backlight power supply, unplug the jumper cap to disconnect the backlight power.

  • The contrast can be adjusted. Rotate the blue potentiometer, increase clockwise and weaken

  • counterclockwise. The potentiometer is designed on the front side, allowing customers to adjust freely.

  • Modules can be cascaded, up to 8 cascades. Modify the device address by shorting A0 / A1 / A2.