Q55 1 Channel 5V Low level Solid State Relay Module Fuse Solid State Relay 250V 2A

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  • Omron 5V solid state relay 240V 2A, output with resistive fuse 240V 2A.

  • Input control signal voltage:

          (0-1.5V state low relay ON)

          (2.5-5V status high relay OFF)

  • The blue KF301 terminal is more convenient for connecting the control line.


  • Size: 25*34*25

  • Input power: 5V DC (160MA)

  • Voltage Version: 5V

  • Quiescent current: 0mA

  • Operating current: 12.5mA

  • Trigger voltage: 0-1.5V

  • Trigger current: 2mA