XD-46 MQ137 Ammonia NH3 Sensor Module Analog Level Signal Output

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  • With level signal output and alarm signal indicator

  • With analog signal output, voltage range: 0-5V

  • Effective low level output signal can be used to drive PNP transistors. And it can be connected to the OP port of micro-controller

  • The analog output voltage increases with the increase of the concentration. The higher the concentration, the higher the voltage

  • High sensitivity to ammonia, trimethylamine and ethanolamine gases

  • Long service life and reliable stability

  • Fast to response and recover after preheating

  • With mounting holes, it is convenient for fix and install

  • Plug-to-play probe for easy testing

  • With temperature compensation function, it works perfectly


  • Test Gas: Ammonia

  • Detection Range: 5 to 500 ppm

  • Working Voltage: DC 5V

  • Working Current: 180mA

  • Output Voltage: 0 to 5V

  • Sensitivity: > 3%

  • Circuit Voltage: ≤DC 5V   

  • Load Resistance: Adjustable 10K

  • Component Power Consumption: ≤0.9W

  • Life Span: 5 Years

  • Working Temperature: -10 to 50℃ (Nominal temperature 20℃)

  • Operating Humidity: 95%RH (Nominal humidity 65%RH)

  • Response Time: ≤1S (Warm-up in 30-50mins)

  • Recovery Time: ≤30S

  • Size: 40 x 35 x 28mm

Applications: Mainly used for qualitative testing, suitable for home, industrial environment, portable gas detection equipment, and detection of ammonia-containing gas.