ADC0809 DIY Kits AD 8 Channel Analog to Digital Conversion Module

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    • PCB size:3.4*5.2cm

    • Power apply:5V

    • Interface instruction:

    • VCC: power postive

    • GND: power negative

    • IN0-IN7: 8 channel analog data input port

    • D0-D7:8bit data output port

    • CLK:ADC0809 clock

    • OE:output enable signal,high level is available.

    • EOC:end of conversion signal,high level is available.

    • STR:start conversion signal


    • J7:potentiometer enable control.if short J7 by jumper cap,potentiometer connect to IN3.

    • J8:control connection of VREF+ and VCC.if short J8 by jumper cap,VRET+ = VCC.if not,you can input reference voltage to VREF+.

    • J9:control connection of VREF- and GND.if short J9 by jumper cap,VRET- = GND.if not,you can input reference voltage to VREF-.

    • J3/J4/J4:control address of analoy input.also can control by MCU.


    • PCB board x1

    • male pin x2

    • jumper cap x7

    • IC socket DIP28 x1

    • ADC0809 x1

    • 104 ceramic capacitor x1

    • 10uf capacitor x1

    • 3596-103 potentiometer x1

    • 4.7K resistor x1

    • 3MM LED Red x1