315/433MHz Receiver Module Wireless Board


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    • Operating frequency: 315MHz/433.92MHz Other frequency can be customized

    • Modulation method: ASK/00K

    • Receiver sensitivity: -108dBm

    • Data rate: up to 10kpbs

    • Drive capability per IO port: <=20mA

    • Operating temperature range: -40~85 degrees Celsius


    • Intelligent identification chip type, support EV1527, PT2262 learning code / fixed code (welding code) IC remote control mixed use

    • Compatible with most learning codes and fixed code (weld code) chips on the market, including EV1527, PT2262, HX2262, SC2260, SC5211, HS2240, etc.

    • Intelligently adapts to the oscillation resistance of the transmitting end, without considering the oscillation resistance of the transmitting end, and has strong versatility and is more convenient to use.

    • Good local oscillator radiation suppression ability, multiple modules can work together and will not interfere with each other, does not affect the receiving distance

    • TYJM01A-K supports four modes of operation: Latch, L4, T4, M4, and H4.

    • Learning and mode conversion through the learning button trigger

    • Supports 4 outputs, the module comes with learning indicator and VT data valid indication, the operation is more intuitive and convenient

    • Decoder chip built-in EEPROM, support up to 32 sets of remote control memory

    • Wide operating voltage range: 2V ~ 5.5V

    • Module size: 18.8X14.8X5mm, small size, easy installation