FX25 FX35 25W/35W USB Power Detector Battery Capacity Tester


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  • With a separate power supply design, the measurement circuit and display circuit of the product itself do not consume the energy of the power supply under test, and the measurement is more accurate and reliable.

  • LCD display, which can display load input voltage, input current, input power, discharge time, discharge maH, product temperature and other information.

  • Complete protection mechanism with undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overpower protection and overtemperature protection.

  • The current adjustment uses a long-handle potentiometer, which can be rotated by hand without the need for additional tools such as a screwdriver.

  • With voltage and current correction function to meet the high precision requirements of customers.

  • Apply to various power sources (product power, charger, charging treasure, etc.) aging or functional test, test various battery capacity discharge characteristics, desktop small load.



Detailed functions:

    1, LCD display

       In normal mode, the LCD displays the load input voltage and load temperature up; the downstream shows the load current, power, capacity, and discharge time.

       In protected mode, the LCD displays the protection code.

       In the setting mode, the LCD displays various setting parameter codes and parameter thresholds.

    2, load current regulation

       The magnitude of the discharge current can be adjusted by a potentiometer.

    3, sound and light alarm

       When the load is turned on, the RUN indicator is always on and the buzzer is not ringing. When the load is off, the RUN indicator is off and the buzzer is not ringing. After entering the protection mode, the buzzer will drop the alarm and the RUN indicator will flash.

    4, intelligent fan cooling

       The fan automatically starts when the load discharge power is greater than 10W or the load temperature is greater than 40°C.

    5, discharge capacity and discharge time automatic statistics, as long as the load is turned on (RUN indicator is always on) to start statistics, turn off the load (RUN indicator is not lit), stop statistics, statistics support power-down storage, clear statistics only one The method is to press the '-''' button when the LCD displays the discharge capacity or discharge time. Please clear the statistics before starting the statistics. The maximum discharge capacity (OAH) and maximum discharge time (OHP) can be set to on or off in the setup mode, and the threshold size can be set. When the threshold is exceeded, the load is automatically turned off, enabling unattended discharge experiments.

    6. Perfect software and hardware protection mechanism, and the software protection threshold can be adjusted. After software protection, the output is turned off.

     Hardware protection:

       Both the module power port and the load input port have anti-reverse protection.

     Software protection:

     OVP - Overvoltage protection (default 25.5V, can be set by yourself, after overvoltage protection, RUN indicator flashes, LCD interface displays OVP);

     OCP-overcurrent protection (default 4.10A/5.10A, can be set by yourself, after overcurrent protection, RUN indicator flashes, LCD displays OCP);

     OPP- over power protection (default 25.5W/35.5W, can be set by itself, after over power protection, RUN indicator flashes, LCD flashes OPP);

    OTP - Over temperature protection (over temperature protection after load temperature is greater than 80 °C, RUN indicator flashes, LCD displays OTP);

     LVP - undervoltage protection (default 1.5V, can be set by yourself, after undervoltage protection, RUN indicator flashes, liquid crystal display LVP, in battery discharge test and other applications, set the appropriate LVP, can effectively prevent battery over discharge, so as not to damage battery)

    7. The load is turned off by default. After power-on, press the ON/SET button to start or shut down.

    8, all settable parameters can be stored off power.

Detailed operation:

   1, the operation of the potentiometer

    The potentiometer is used to adjust the load discharge current, clockwise rotation, the current value increases, and the counterclockwise rotation current value decreases.

  2, button operation detailed



3.3 Product display interface