SN65HVD230 Can Board Network Transceiver Evaluation Development Module


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Type A:

  • Material:PCB

  • Color:Blue

  • Size:38x11x10mm/1.49x0.43x0.39 Inch

Type B:

  • Fully compatible with ISO11898 standard;

  • High input impedance, allowing 120 nodes;

  • Low current standby mode, the typical current of 370μA;

  • Signal transfer rate up to 1Mb / s;

  • Thermal protection, open circuit failure protection function;

  • With anti-instantaneous interference protection bus;

  • Slope control, reduce radio frequency interference (RFI);

  • Differential receiver with a wide range of anti-common-mode interference,

  • electromagnetic interference (EMI) capabilities.

  • SN65HVD230 high speed, slope and wait three different modes of operation.

  • Its working mode control can be achieved by the control pin Rs.

  • Figure 2 is a SN65HVD230 CAN bus system in a typical application diagram.

  • Can be seen from the figure, CAN controller is connected

  • to the output pin Tx SN65HVD230 data input terminal D,

  • this data can be transferred to the CAN node sends CAN network;

  • CAN controller and receive pins of Rx and SN65HVD230 R is connected to

  • the data output terminal, for receiving data.

  • Select the port Rs SN65HVD230 way via jumpers and end of

  • the ground slope resistor can be achieved through hardware

  • mode select three modes of operation, in which

  • the slope is 0 ~ 100kΩ resistor potentiometer

Specifications for SN65HVD230 Can Board Network Transceiver Evaluation Development Module

Type A or B