WH06-2C Horizontal Type Yellow Adjustable Potentiometer 1K(102) 10K(103) 100K(104) Ohm


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Technical parameters: performance:
Resistance range (Ohms): 100~1M
Resistance deviation: + 20%
Resistance change characteristics: B
Maximum use voltage: 50V
Rated: 0.1W
Residual resistance: no more than 5% of the nominal resistance, the maximum is not more than 30 ohms
Rotating life: after no-load rotation 100 cycles, the maximum resistance change is + 15%
Load life: the rated power is 3 hours, the maximum resistance change is + 5%
Mechanical characteristics:
Rotation angle: 200 degree + 20 degree
Rotational torque: 60~150g.cm
Stop strength: >500g.cm
Mechanical strength: resistance sheet can withstand 1kg pressure without rupture