OpenMV3 Cam M7 R1Smart Camera Image Processing Color Recognition Visual Inspection

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  • A 12-bit ADC and a 12-bit DAC.

  • 3 Pcs I/O pins are used for steering control.

  • A RGB LED (trichrome), two bright 850nm IR LED (infrared).

  • All IO ports can be used, interrupts and PWM (10 I/O pins on the board).

  • STM32F765VI ARM Cortex M7 processor,216 MHz, 512KB RAM,2 MB flash.All I/O pins output 3.3V and 5V compatibility.

  • A I2C bus, a CAN bus, and an asynchronous serial port bus (TX/RX), which are used to link other controllers or sensors.

  • Full speed USB (12Mbs) interface, connected to the computer. When the OpenMV camera is inserted, your computer will have a virtual COM port and a "U disk".

  • The μSD card slot has 100Mbs reading and writing, which allows your OpenMV camera to record video and extract the machine vision material from the SD card.

  • A SPI bus is up to 54Mbs speed, allowing you to simply pass image stream data to the LCD extension board, the WiFi extension board, or the other controllers.

  • The OV7725 photoreceptor can handle 640x480 8-bit grayscale or 320x240 16-bit RGB565 color images at 80 FPS. 

  • Your OpenMV camera has a 2.8mm focal lens on a standard M12 lens base.

  •  If you want to use more customized lenses, you can easily install it.