XL6009 Digital Boost Step Up Power Supply Module Adjustable 4.5-32V to 5-52V Step-up Voltage Regulator With LED Voltmeter

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  • Module Feature: Non-isolation booster

  • Ectifier system:Not synchronous rectifier

  • Input voltage:4.3V-32V

  • Output voltage: 5V-52V

  • Incoming current:4A(maximum)

  • Transfer efficiency:94%(The highest)Normal efficiency for85%

  • Switching frequency:400KHz

  • Output ripple:50mV

  • Load regulation:±0.5%

  • Voltage regulation:±0.5%

  • Operating temperature:-40°~+85°

  • Size:6.98cm*3.80cm

Function key:

  • Short press: input/output display options

  • Moderate press: Enter the fine-tuning state .Increase or decrease the offset (the default is 0), when the voltage display inaccurate use .Short according to the regulation, long press or long according to restore

  • Long press: the state of low power consumption, the digital tube and the lights are out, the normal work of the module. Click the button again to restore. Normal display 

  • Clockwise to adjust output voltage:

  • Clockwise----- increasing voltage

  • Counterclockwise----reduce the voltage