GY-362 ADXL362 3axis Accelerometer Sensor Module

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  • ADXL362 is an ultra-low power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, output data rate of 100 Hz when power is below 2 μA, the motion-triggered wake-up mode, power consumption is 270 nA. Periodic sampling is achieved with the use of low-power accelerometer different, ADXL362 no aliasing due to sampling by the input signal; it uses the full data rate of the entire bandwidth of the sensor is sampled. 

  • ADXL362 typically provide 12 output resolution; in the lower resolution is sufficient, also offers eight data output to achieve a more efficient single-byte transfer. Measuring range of ± 2 g, ± 4 g and ± 8 g, the resolution within the range of ± 2 g of 1 mg / LSB. 

  • ADXL362 noise level is lower than the normal requirements of 550 μg / √Hz applications can select one of two low-noise mode (typically up to 175 μg / √Hz), one of the power supply current increases minimal. 

  • In addition to ultra-low power, ADXL362 also has a number of features to achieve true system-level energy efficiency. The device contains a depth multi-mode output FIFO, a built-in micro-power temperature sensors and several motion detection modes, including an adjustable threshold sleep and wake modes, in this mode when measured at a rate of about 6 HZ power consumption as low as 270 nA. If necessary, when motion is detected to provide a pin output to directly control an external switch. In addition, ADXL362 also supports sampling time and / or system clock for external control. 

  • ADXL362 can operate over a wide supply voltage range of 1.6V to 3.5V, can use a low supply voltage operation independent of the host interface when necessary. 

  • PCB size:(L*W)2.10*1.40cm/0.83"*0.55"