3.5A Dual Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver Module

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  • Adopt imported original motor drive chip, built-in low conductive and internal resistance MOS switch tube, heating small, small volume, save electricity, is your ideal choice for battery power supply.

  • (L298N is a transistor switch with low efficiency, high heating, heat dissipation and bulky volume. The L298N on the market is very easy to burn, and no original chip is used. This product can be replaced.)

  • Dual way 2.5Ax2, which is 1.5A motor drive board's enhanced version, with built-in current protection, motor short circuit protection, thermal shutdown without fear of motor block turning and burning, internal undervoltage locking.

  • Mini size, light weight, low power consumption, with three sets of row lines for the standard rack and pin receptacle.


  • Model: ZS-H3

  • Output Channel: 2 Way

  • Working Voltage: DC 7.5-40V

  • Continuous Current: 2.5A

  • Peak Current Per Channel: 3.5A

  • Power For Each Rated Output (For Reference): (12V) 30W; (48V) 60W

  • Control Signal Voltage: 3-5V

  • Control Signal Current Per Channel: 2-5mA

  • Support PWM Frequency Range: 500HZ-30K (ideal)

  • Support PWM Duty Ratio Range: 0-100%

  • Working temperature: -20-85℃

  • Size: 2.9x2.9cm/1.14x1.14"