XY-V17B Serial Control Voice Module / SD/TF Card MP3 Sound Module

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  • Support MP3,WAV decoding format. 

  • Support three configuration IO mode selection. 

  • Support sampling rate (KHz):8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48. 

  • 24-bit DAC output, dynamic range support 90dB,SNR support 85dB. 

  • Fully supports FAT16/FAT32 file system, maximum support 32G TF card,support 32G U disk. 

  • Support UART serial control voice broadcast function,you can control the play, pause,selection song,volume addition and subtraction and other functions,the largest song selection 65535 tracks,baud rate 9600 bit/s. 

  • Support IO trigger function,8 IO ports trigger 8 tracks individually or 8 IO ports to trigger 255 tracks. 

  • Support One_line single-bus serial port control, can control the play, pause,selection,volume addition and subtraction functions. 


  • IO0/UART_TX: Input pin IO0 in IO trigger mode; TX pin in UART control mode 

  • IO1/UART_RX: Input pin IO1 in IO trigger mode; RX pin in UART control mode 

  • IO2: IO trigger mode input pin IO2 

  • IO3: IO trigger mode input pin IO3 

  • IO4/ONE_LINE: IO trigger mode input pin IO4; One_Line one-wire serial control mode data transmission pin 

  • IO5: IO trigger mode input pin IO5 

  • IO6: IO trigger mode input pin IO6 

  • IO7: IO trigger mode input pin IO7 

  • GND: Ground 

  • CON1: Mode Configuration Pin 1 

  • CON2: Mode Configuration Pin 2 

  • CON3/BUSY: Mode Configuration Pin 3; Busy Signal Output, Play Music Output High, Pause Music Output Low 

  • USB_DM: USB DM signal 

  • USB_DP: USB DP signal 

  • VDD/5V: Module Supply, 3.3-5V Voltage Input Pin 

  • 3.3V: LDO 3.3V Output Pin, Maximum Output Current 100mA 

  • DACL: audio left channel output 

  • DACR: Audio Right Channel Output 

  • Size:2.6x2.3cm/1.02x0.91inch