JLINK V9 / LINK ARM emulator support A9 A8 V9.4 high-speed download speed

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  • J-Link is a USB powered JTAG emulator supporting a large number of CPU cores.

  • Based on a 32-bit RISC CPU, it can communicate at high speed with the supported target CPUs. J-Link is used around the world in tens of thousand places for development and production (flash programming) purposes.

  • J-Link is supported by all major IDEs such as IAR EWARM, Keil MDK, Rowley CrossWorks, Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR EWRX, Renesas HEW, Renesas e2studio, and many others.

  • Including all models, more than 100,000 J-Links have been sold so far, making J-Link probably the most popular emulator for ARM cores and the de-facto standard.


  • Direct download into flash memoryof most popular microcontrollers supported

  • Supported CPUs: Any ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A5/A8/A9, Cortex-M0/M1/M3/M4, Cortex-R4, RX100/RX200/RX610/RX621/RX62N/RX62T/RX630/RX631/RX63N

  • Download speed up to 1 MByte/second

  • Supportsunlimited breakpointsin flash memory!1More info...

  • Setting breakpoints inexternalflash memory of Cortex-M systems is possible with

  • J-Link'sUnlimited Flash Breakpointstechnology only!

  • Supported by all major IDEsMore info...

  • Supports concurrent access to CPU by multiple applications3

  • Crossplatform support (runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)4

  • Intelligence in the emulator firmwareMore info...

  • Remote Server included. Allows using J-Link remotely via TCP/IPMore info...

  • GDBServer includedMore info...

  • Production flash programming software (J-Flash) availableMore info...

  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) availableMore info...

  • Supports multiple target interfaces: JTAG, SWD

  • Supports SWV/SWO (Serial Wire Viewer / Serial wire output)

  • Wide target voltage range: 1.2V - 3.3V, 5V tolerant

  • Supports JTAG chains with multiple devices

  • Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) support

  • Various target adapters available, including optical isolation adapter.

  • RDI interface DLL available.More info...

  • Fully plug and play compatible

  • No power supply required, powered through USB

  • Support for adaptive clocking

  • All JTAG signals can be monitored, target voltage can be measured

  • Target power supply: J-Link can supply up to 300 mA to target with overload protection