Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

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  • With this kit, you can explore, program, and experiment with the Raspberry Pi in minutes. This official Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit has everything you need. Simply plug in the cable, connect to the TV or monitor, and turn it on.

  • Using the provided operating system (NOOBS), you can see different but similar desktops with program icons and menus (listing available software). If you connect your Pi to the Internet via an Ethernet connection, you can choose the operating system you want to use.

  • It's the ideal kit for starting any project or class in your lab or home. To inspire, the book includes nine interesting projects to open your path to invention.

What's in the Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit?

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B computer board

  • Micro-SD card with operating system - new out-of-the-box software (NOOBS)

  • Official Raspberry Pi red and white box

  • Official Raspberry Pi USB keyboard

  • Official Raspberry Pi USB mouse

  • Official Raspberry Pi HDMI cable

  • Official Raspberry Pi USB Power Supply

  • Adventures in Raspberry Pi book by Carrie-Anne Philbin (English only)

Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B)

  1. The Raspberry Pi 3 has more processing power and is now able to make wireless connections directly on the printed circuit board. Integrated with WiFi and Bluetooth in the Pi 3 makes connecting projects faster and easier than ever.

  2. micro-SD card with NOOBS software

  3. The supplied micro-SD card comes pre-installed with NOOBS software. When you first use it, connect your Pi to your router via an Ethernet cable and you can choose one of the following operating systems. No Ethernet connection, Raspbian installed:

  • Raspbian

  • Pidora

  • OpenElec

  • RaspBMC


  • Perforation

  • Linux


The official Pi 3 power unit is only available for Pi 3 boards. This power supply unit is not suitable for general purpose power supplies.