USB 100MHz 16Ch Logic Analyzer for ARM FPGA

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  • The use of high-speed real-time USB2.0 acquisition, interface to upload to PC Implements data storage management in real time and is collected after the end of the screen.

  • Using the computer's memory as acquisition memory, so you can use the traditional logic analyzer The depth of the memory can not be easily compared reaches the storage depth of level G.

  • See previous agreement is a real-time online analysis, you can see the details of the time, the behavior of the DEBUG? You can also view the content of the communications from the macro to save the content of the agreement to resolve the output to a text file and spreadsheet files. The following figure shows the I2C protocol to analyze the text output TXT file and spreadsheet files

  • The power of software is the analysis of the Protocol. Supports more than 10 types of serial protocol. The waveforms can be acquired according to the rules of the Bus Protocol The content of the screen, so you can see the same error. Very intuitive, used once, to guarantee You put it down, separating you from the waveform. Especially those who are dedicated to the FPGA bus Model Protocol interface to achieve almost more convenient than before the simulation.

  • Can be configured flexibly the sampling rate and the number of acquisition channels, acquisition time of 3 ways To achieve a maximum sampling rate of 100M, 6 times to achieve a sampling rate of 50M, rate Sampling To achieve the highest 32 MHZ 9, 16, when it obtained a maximum sampling rate of 16 M.

  • Small size, easy to carry, use USB power, easy start-up. Including SPI, UART, can, JTAG, 1 cable as support for up to 17 types of serial protocol. Analysis Covers almost all common serial boards and the field level bus protocol.