BC04-B Bluetooth to UART Module Industrial Master-Slave Wireless Bluetooth AK

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    • Adopt the mainstream CSR bluetooth chip, the bluetooth V2.0 protocol standard 

    • Serial port module working voltage 3.3 V, Transmission distance is about 15 meters

    •  Default baud rates is 9600,it  can be set by user.

    •  Working status indication, connection and disconnected status signal output, is advantageous for the MCU to  track the state of module

    •  Core module size: 26.7 x 13  x 2.2 m m

    •  Working current:matching: 2~30mA .matched but not communication: 5~6mA communicating: 10mA  

    •  Sleep current: don't sleep, but support low power mode

    •  Used for GPS navigation systems, water and electricity gas meter reading system, industrial control system. 

    •  Can add bluetooth adapter with bluetooth laptops, computers, PDA and other equipment for seamless connectio

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