SX01-3AJ 6V 12V 3A PWM Solar Panel Light Controller Battery Charge Regulator

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  • SX01-3AJ Solar warning lights and aviation obstruction lights Description of the dedicated controller

  • The SX01-3AJ solar warning lights and aviation obstruction lights for intelligent control are made by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation. This driver is in the SX01 Platform Update except for the following description of the contents and the other did not mention the functions and features are the same as with the SX01 controller see the previous instructions.

  • The controller uses the last low power component, the minimum static power is up to 2 mA.

  • Adjustable brightness: Normally, the brightness of the solar warning lamp is fixed, sometimes it is in the sun during the day and feels that the brightness is too low is not obvious, but if you increase the brightness, it will be too flashy at night, sometimes it does not favor traffic safety. The controller can be adjusted by adjusting the power of the lamp (medium power adjustable P1-P9) the brightness of the night lights is reduced to 10% -90%, soft light without brightness, while saving electricity to withstand rainier days, the brightness maximum during the day with full power to achieve an optimal, more humane warning effect. For aviation obstruction lights can also be adjusted to P8 ... P9 which uses the pulse groups luminous way using the human eye Principle of save more power