BF350-3AA 350Ω High Precision Resistive Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor

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  • A resistive strain gauge sensor with a 350 ohm nominal resistance which varies when a force is applied. By measuring the change in the sensors resistance, a measurement of the force applied to it can be obtained.

  • The substrate is made of the modified phenolphthalein, and the grid is made of constantan foil.

  • With high precision and good static measurement stability, the weighing sensor is suitable for 0.02 level sensor.

  • The 7.1*4.5mm specification makes it easy to dissipate heat, consumes less power per unit area, and is easy to paste and solder.

  • Simultaneous temperature self-compensation and creep compensation.


  • Type: BF350-3 AA 

  • Resistance: 350Ω(typ.) 

  • Grid Material:constantan 

  • Sensitivity Coefficient: 2.00-2.20 

  • Sensitivity Coefficient Dispersion: ≤±1% 

  • Strain Limit: 2.0% 

  • Fatigue Lifetime: ≥1M 

  • Board Size: 7.1 X 4.5mm/0.28 X 0.18inch(L*W)