6-13S 24V 36V 48V 25A 35A 50A 80A 150A Polymer Lithium/Ternary Lithium/ Iron Phosphate/LiFePo4 Battery Protection Board QS-B413ANL-25A


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Ternary, lithium iron phosphate lithium battery 6--13 string same port split universal protection board, different series of batteries, only need to short from B+ to the string you need.
This protection board adopts mature protection circuit, Taiwan original special IC, 80A high current ultra low internal resistance MOS (single MOS internal resistance as low as 6.5 milliohms), with perfect and stable charging and discharging protection functions.
Small volume and large current can be used in high current applications such as power tools, electric vehicles, and UPS.
Strong compatibility: The protection board supports both the same port and split port. A lithium battery supporting 6-13 strings of polymer and lithium iron phosphate (note: the polymer plate cannot be used for lithium iron phosphate batteries).
Note: we send 13S without balancing by default .(requires other strings only need to change the wiring method)
This protection board is a power type high current lithium battery protection board, suitable for equipment with large current, such as electric tools, electric vehicles, UPS and other equipment.
Technical characteristics: