RXC6 433Mhz / 315MHZ Superheterodyne Wireless Receiver PT2262 Code Steady


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  • Working Frequency:433Mhz / 315MHZ 

  • Receiving Sensitivity:-110dBm 

  • Working Voltage:3.3V-5.5V 

  • Working Temperature:-30-85℃ 

  • Size:28X12.5X5mm(L*W*T)


  • Jogging:Both T1 and T2 do not connected, when there is signal input, the module will output the corresponding signal. 

  • Self-locking: T2 connect with the ground,T1 do not connect. 

  • Interlocking: T1 connect wiht the ground, T2 do not connect. 

  • Signal indicaotor: when there is signal input, the VT output high level, when signal disappear, VT output low level. 

  • Code matching: press the"learning key" and last 2s,the learning indicator will light up, now step into the learning mode,then release the learning key, press the any key, the indicator will flash 4 times,the learning has finished, exit the learning mode. 

  • Code match clearing:keep press the learning key,the indicator will always light up,after 8 seconds the indicator will turn off, the code has been cleared.

Pin instructions: 

  • ANT->antenna 

  • GND->power ground 

  • LED->extenal LED indicator 

  • SW->external learning key 

  • VT->remote control signal indicator(flashing when receive the remote control signal) 

  • D0-D3-> data output 

  • VDD->power positive 

  • GND->power ground

Specifications for RXC6 433Mhz / 315MHZ Superheterodyne Wireless Receiver PT2262 Code Steady

Frequency 433 MHz or 315 MHz