GY-530 VL53LOX Laser Rangefinder Sensor Module Time-of-Flight (ToF) Ranging Flying Time Ranging Sensor Module

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    Product description:

    • Fully integrated miniature module; 

    • 940nm Laser VCSEL ;

    • VCSEL driver 

    • Ranging sensor with advanced embedded micro controller 

    • 4.4 x 2.4 x 1.0mm 

    Fast, accurate distance ranging:

    • Measures absolute range up to 2m

    • Reported range is independent of the target reflectance 

    • Operates in high infrared ambient light levels 

    • Advanced embedded optical cross-talk compensation to simplify cover glass selection 

    Eye safe:

    • Class 1 laser device compliant with latest standard IEC 60825-1:2014 - 3rd edition 

    Easy integration: 

    • Single reflowable component 

    • No additional optics 

    • Single power supply 

    • I2C interface for device control and data transfer 

    • Xshutdown (Reset) and interrupt GPIO 

    • Programmable I2C address

    • Power supply: 2.8-5V


    • User detection for Personal Computers/ Laptops/Tablets and IoT (Energy saving). Robotics (obstacle detection).

    • White goods (hand detection in automatic faucets, soap dispensers etc...). 

    • 1D gesture recognition. 

    • Laser assisted Auto-Focus. 

    Enhances and speeds-up camera AF system performance, especially in difficult scenes (low light levels, low contrast) or fast moving video mode.