1.3A 12V/24V to 5V/3.3V/9V DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module

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  • Using a new original chip, fixed ceramic capacitors, stable performance;

  • A large amount of output current 1.3A, 1A operation within a long time, sufficient margin;

  • Non-isolated DC synchronous rectification, circuit conversion efficiency up to 94%;

  • Using one-piece molded inductor, lower than the ordinary shield inductance heat;

  • Output integrated optional output voltage, the spot welding directly on the board can be, versatility is very strong;

  • Output with LED lights, easy to visually indicate the voltage output;

  • With the enable port, the default mode of operation, low off, to bring convenience to control;

  • Input and output are used 2.54mm pitch pinhole, with 7805 pin spacing, easy to use.