USB Discharge Load Resistor Digital Current Meter Tester switch module 1A/2A

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Switch and usb interface design
Color: Green
Rated Power: 5W-10W
Technology: Ceramic Composition
Resistance: 1A-2A

When using this discharge resistor need to be very careful, touching is forbidden in case of burning. Also, please do not put flammable substances nearby when using it, and avoid direct contact with the heat resistance of the desktop, so as not to scorch the desktop.
It's normal when welding resistance may occur heated white smoke or odor phenomenon.
New products can freely be switched with a switch, very convenient and easy to use.
USB load resistance, is mainly to do discharge test, if the charger or mobile power supply output current is 2A, load meter power is 5V * 2A = 10W, if the output current is 1A, then the power load is 5V * 1A = 5W.

Package Includes:
USB Discharge load resistor x1