USB 24MHz Bandwidth 24MS Sampling Rate 8 Channel Logic Analyzer Debugger for ARM FPGA

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    • The logical channel sampling rate is up to 24 m/s. The general application is about 10 meters, which is enough for various purposes.

    • Logic input 8 can be collected. Analyze the signal and sample it as I2C, UART.

    • Logic can sample up to 1 billion, making capture even the most elusive event.

    • Protection logic input resistance, overvoltage protection and buffer chip. Better security team


    • Model: Logic Analyzer Logic 24 m 8CH Host Registration

    • Length: 8-channel logic analyzer screen

    • Input voltage DC 7-14 V.

    • Output voltage: DC 5~5.8 V (adjustable)

    • Conversion efficiency: 98%

    Package list:

    • Logic Logic Analyzer 24 m 8ch Host

    • USB cable (different colors)

    • DuPont Cable