DDS Function Sine Square Triangle Sawtooth Wave Low Frequency Signal Generator

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  • 1602 LCD LCD screen;

  • Intuitive 5 keyboard.

  • Step frequency: 1, 10100100010000Hz;

  • Automatically recover the last time after power supply.

  • Offset: 0.5pp-5Vpp

  • Amplitude: 0.5Vpp-14Vpp

  • Output impedance: ohms 20-200

  • The frequency range of 1HZ-65534Hz is: DDS. (almost no distortion, the enlarged part of the TL082)

  • High speed (HS) Fang Bo: 1MHZ/2MHZ/4MHZ/8MHZ signal;

  • The offset amplitude of the DDS signal can be adjusted by two potentiometer;

  • DDS signal: sine wave, square wave, saw tooth wave, reverse zigzag wave, triangle wave, ECG wave and noise wave.

Package Included: 1x DDS signal generator.