1Hz-150KHz PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module Signal Generator

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  • With outer casing;

  • LCD high definition display;

  • Support UART;

  • Support frequency adjustment;

  • Support duty cycle adjustment;

  • High precision detection;

  • Support power-down memory function;

  • 1-Channel PWM output.


  • Product name: PWM Signal Generator;

  • Model: XY-PWM;

  • Work voltage:DC 3.3V-30V;

  • Frequency range:1Hz~150KHz;

  • Frequency accuracy:2%;

  • Duty cycle range:0.00%-100%;

  • Output Current:About 5-30mA;

  • Output amplitude:Same to input voltage;

  • Size:79*43*27mm;

  • Operating temperature:-20℃~70℃;

Use steps:

  • Connect to power supply;

  • Short or long press button 'FREQ+' or 'FREQ-' to set frequency;

  • Short or long press button 'DUTY+' or 'DUTY-' to set duty cycle;

  • Connect to load.