KY-018 Photosensitive Resistance Module

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  • Color: Photo Color 

  • Material: PC+ metal

  • Dark current, dark resistance: photoresin at a given applied voltage, when there is no light, when it flows

  • The current is called dark current. Applied voltage and the dark current ratio is called dark resistance

  • Sensitivity: sensitivity refers to the resistance value of the photocell of light irradiation (dark resistance) when irradiated with light and

  • resistance (resistance to light) of the relative exchange value.

  • Voltage characteristic curve. Volt-ampere characteristic curve used to describe the relationship between the applied voltage and the photocurt photocell, the photosensitive device, its photocurrent increases with the applied voltage.

  • The temperature coefficient. Photoelectric effect photocell influenced by temperature, partial photoelectric or optoelectronic at low temperatures

  • Greater sensitivity, while sensitivity to high temperatures is lower.

  • It refers to the nominal power for a certain photocell line allowed, when the temperature increase

  • High, your energy consumption is reduced.