Logic16 USB Saleae16 100M Logic Analyzer SCM ARM Weapon for Arduino DIY

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  • Saleae16 uses resource dynamic multiplexing, can achieve 3-channel sampling rate of 100M, 6-channel sampling rate of 50M, 32M adoption 9-channel and 16-channel maximum sampling rate of 16M, require a computer USB port must be 2.0.

  • Saleae16 sampling data is in real time into the computer, your computer memory size is the device memory, and uses compression algorithms, data changes are not saved, the maximum depth software can reach 10G.

  • Saleae16 can automatically analyze UART, IIC, SPI, DMX-512, JTAG as many as 14 kinds of communication protocols, in addition to the displayed waveform data directly display size.

  • Saleae16 data can be displayed as decimal, hexadecimal, binary, ASCII code and other formats, allowing you to analyze the data.

  • Very useful trigger settings, you can start from the data portion you want to crawl


  • Support windows, linux, MAC OS all 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The software can be downloaded directly from here 

  • Exclusive circuit design, measurement input range is -+50V, can measure serial 232, LIN bus and other voltage, 50V or less can be properly measured.

  • Support for unlimited software updates, you can now support all versions 1.15,1.16.

  • Can be resolved UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, Atmel SWI, Biss C, CAN, DMX-512, HDMI CEC, I2S / PCM, JTAG, LIN, MDIO, Manchester, PS / 2 keyboard / mouse, Simple Parallel , UNI / O, USB1.1 and other 18 kinds of protocols.