DC-DC Converter 8V 12V 24V (8V-35V) to 5V 8A Non-Isolation Buck Step Down Module 2/4 USB Output Car Charger QS-1205CBUM-8A


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Brand: QSKJ

Model: QS-1205CBUM-8A


  • 4 independent dedicated charge management IC, can effectively support a variety of mobile phone maximum current charging, charging speed, safe and reliable.

  • Charge identification IC compatible with Apple's full range of products, the vast majority of mobile phones can achieve the fastest charging speed.

  • Support 4 USB at the same time 2A current charge, fast charging current, the total output current up to 8A.

  • MOS tube reverse input protection, maximize conversion efficiency, reduce losses.

  • Output with over-voltage protection, to effectively protect the phone.

  • 8-35V wide input voltage, 12V 24V car can be the perfect support.

  • Synchronous rectification program can effectively reduce the heat, improve efficiency, the highest efficiency up to 96%.

  • Industry advanced flat-wire high-current inductors, large current heat, conversion efficiency.

  • 4 high-quality chip capacitors, plus a large capacity MLCC capacitors, lower output ripple, less interference.

  • High-quality double-plated gold USB port, life is 2 times the normal USB.

  • Dimension 54(L)*39(W)*21(H) mm

The module is QSKJ latest non-isolated step-down power supply module (BOOST)


  • Mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, navigators, tachographs and other devices that require USB power. Can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, 4 total current 8A.

  • A variety of input and output, support for terminal input, DC input, output support 4 * USB output, the output terminal 5V.